Adult Indoor VB Leagues
January 6th - March 6th
9 week session 

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January 6th


January 8th


January 10th

Women's 6's   A
Women's 6's BB
Women's 6's  B/C

No leagues Coed 4's A/BB
Coed's B/C
No leagues Coed 6's B/C


Indoor League Fees:     6's = $300 (9 weeks)     4's = $200 (9 weeks)      *Ref fees are $10 per match

League rules

General Information

To register for a league simply submit a form via the website or call 398-2400 to register over the phone.  No money is due at the time of registration.  Game times for the 1st week will be posted on our website a week before the league begins.  The entire schedule will be posted after the 1st matches have been played along with the amount of your league fee (with any off weeks, credits, or BYE's considered).   League fees are then due by your 2nd match. Captains are responsible for paying the league fees altogether.    

Game times are 6:30, 7:30, 8:30, and 9:30. The May session will last 7 weeks. The team with the best league winning percentage will be the champion. The league champion receives T-shirts from the Volleyball Store or a $75 credit for 6's and a $50 credit for 4's toward another league or bar tab.  Leagues are offered for Men's, Women's, and Coed teams in the following divisions.
"C" Leagues - Fun, recreational, less competitive

"B" Leagues - Bump, Set, Spike, more competitive

"BB/A" Leagues - Most competitive