League Rules

1. All matches are played 3 games to 25, using rally scoring (point given every serve), win by 2, with no cap.

2. Coed 6 person teams must use an alternating line-up (man-woman).  No more than 3 men can play at one time in a coed 6 person games but any number of women can play.   In 4 person games, no more than 2 of the players on the floor can be men but teams can line up in any order but must keep the serving rotation the same. 

3. The ball may not be held, lifted, pushed, caught, carried, or thrown.  Some leniency will be given in the "C" leagues.

4. A block does not constitute a contact.  You get 3 hits after the block.

5. Double contacts and lifts will be called when setting. The rotation of the ball when it is set does not determine wether or not a setting fouls has occurred but, heavy forward or backward spin and any side spin is a sign that a setting foul has occurred. ( a judgement call ) You must be squared to the spot you are setting in the sand and in quads indoor if the ball goes over the net.  In C leagues, as long as the ball travels in the intended direction of your set, you will not usually be called for a double contact foul.

6. You can double contact any 1st ball but you can't lift or carry it.  As long as you are making a single motion to play the ball, your hands can be apart or the ball can hit 2 parts of your body and the play is still good.  This only pertains to the 1st contact on each side.

7. You can set the ball at any time including the serve.  It can be double contacted but you may not lift it.

8. You must have both feet on the Sport Court when you play the ball. You can then continue off the court if you need to. The dividers are out of play and may not be moved at any time.

9. The ball can be played off of any part of your body as long as it rebounds off immediately and you are only making one attempt to play the ball.

10. You are allowed 1 re-toss per serve. Your 2nd toss must be served or a sideout will be given.

11. The ball must pass between and not touch the antennas to be in play.

12. You can serve anywhere behind the endline as long as you are inside the sidelines.

13. Sports Express will provide 2 game balls for each court for warm-ups. If your team needs more than 1 ball to warm-up with then you need to bring more.

14. Teams are given a 5 minute grace period to field a team before a forfeit of the 1st game is given.  The 2nd game will be forfeited 10 minutes later and a determination will be made at that point as to wether the team has a chance of fielding a team at all.  Usually the match is forfeited after the 15 minutes have passed but if players are on the way then the 3rd game can still be played up to 30 minutes into the match time.

15. There are no rosters. You can bring a different team each week or carry as many players as you like on your team. You can also pick up players from other teams if you are short.  Only 1 player from a higher league level can substitute for your team at a time.

16. Teams get 1 timeout per game. An unused timeout does not carry over to the next game.

17. You must have 5 players to start a 6 person match and 3 to play quads.

18. There will be a flip of the coin to determine who gets the serve and who chooses the side. This will be done before the 1st and 3rd games. The 2nd game will simply be the reverse of the 1st game.

19. There is no "ghost rule" in effect. There is no penalty for playing a player short which means you can have 3 front row players at all times and there is no loss of serve in the "ghost" spot.

20. If your team is not listed on the schedule, you have a BYE.

21. Teams captains or a representative should check the scoresheet after each match to assure that the scores are correct.

22. League champions are determined by winning percentage.  Champs receive T-shirts from the Volleyball Store.

23. League fees are due by the 2nd week of the session.  Teams need to pay with 1 check or credit card, or bring all the individual check in at one time.  It is the captains responsibility to collect the league fees from his or her team.

24. In a case of a forfeit, the team that has to forfeit is responsible for the $20 ref fee.  The team that shows pays nothing and can use the court until the next match begins.  This ref fee for the missed match must be paid to the referee at the next match before the start of play.  Please call Sports Express as soon as you know that you have to forfeit as a courtesy to the other team.  You are still going to owe the referee fee but you won't waste anyone else's time in the process.

25. Waiver sheets must be filled out before anyone plays a game at Sports Express.  Be sure your team has filled out the waiver form and that any subs that play fill one out before they get on the court.  Once you sign the waiver, it is good for any games you play at Sports Express in the future.

26. Schedules are always posted on the website and it is the teams responsibility to know their game time.  The 1st week's games will be posted about a week before the league is due to begin.  The rest of the schedule will be posted after the 1st games have been played to allow for any adjustments that commonly occur.  You can always call 398-2400 if you are unsure about the schedule.

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