Sand Volleyball Leagues

July 19th - Sept 23rd!
All matches are officiated!
Reduced entry fees!
No door charge!
$2.50 Pounders!

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Team Name*
League Desired* Tuesday Coed 6 person B level
Tuesday Coed 6 person C level
Tuesday Coed 4 person B level
Wednesday Coed 4 person A/BB level
Wednesday Coed 4 person B/C level
Wednesday Coed 6 person B/C level
Thursday Women 4 person B/BB level
Thursday Men 4 person B/BB level
Thursday Coed 4 person B/BB level
Team Captain*
Best Phone Number*
Email Address*
2nd Captain*
Best Phone Number*

You will receive a confirmation email when your form is received.  No money is due at this time.  Game times for week 1 will be available July 12th on the website.  Any special requests should be emailed to before July 12th.  Teams that are a "no show" for the session after registering will be added to our black list preventing future registrations.  Please email us by May 8th if you need to drop

League fees are due by the 3rd week of the session.  Ref fees are paid each week directly to your ref in cash.

6's = $180           4's = $120          Ref fee = $10

"A/BB" Leagues - Most competitive
"B" Leagues - Bump, Set, Spike, more competitive
"C" Leagues - Fun, mostly recreational

Game times are 6:30, 7:30, 8:30, and 9:30pm.  The session will last 9 weeks.  There is one champion per league. The league champions receive T-shirts from Elevation Volleyball Store or a credit toward the next session.  You could also drink your winnings at the bar.  To enter a team into a league, simply submit your form and wait for your 1st game time to be scheduled.  No money is due until your 3rd match of the session (except for referees).  We also keep a list of individuals posted at Sports Express for team captains to use to find subs.  You could also use the list to form your own team.  To get on the individuals list send us an email.