Cincinnati Open 2016
Sponsored by Elevation Volleyball Club

 May 28th and 29th, 2016

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Sand Volleyball is a great cross training tool for indoor volleyball players.  While the game is still volleyball, the style of play and playing conditions make for a unique and challenging experience.

To play sand volleyball all it takes is 3 friends and a sunny day!  With 4 people and a court you can begin to learn what it takes to play beach doubles.  It's a great workout and lot of fun to learn.  Sports Express has courts available for rental most days of the week during the day and on weekends.  Most nights are filled with leagues once June hits.  Elevation Volleyball offers private and group lessons for sand volleyball so you can accelerate your learning curve if desired but the best way to learn is just to get out there and start playing.  As you get better you will begin to strategize and cover more of the court making it harder for your opponent to score while you begin to move the ball to all corners of the court so you can score.  The rules of play are very similar to indoor except for a few things (no tipping and the block counting as your 1st contact are the biggest differences).  If you are not ready for 2-person play, try the Sports Express Summer League.  This is a 4-person league and does not require a USAV membership to join.  Rosters are unlimited so you can bring different players each week if needed.  Leagues start in June!

To play in the Cincinnati Open or other USAV Sanctioned events including "mini-tourneys" you will need to register with USA Volleyball (yearly memberships or summer only memberships available).  If you play JO's with a club in the winter and spring you are already a member and can sign up with any other registered player.  There are no limitations on who you can play with (even players from other clubs).  You can get a $15 USA Beach Membership here if that's all you need.  All memberships expire in August 31st.

Contact: John Paul Case