Training Teams


Q What are Training Teams?
Training Teams were created to help bridge the gap between recreational leagues and JO volleyball.  We require our select team coaches to give their time to this activity when they can and you'll see varsity high school coaches as well as JO coaches each session.  The nice thing for the players and instructors is that there is no travel involved so you can still schedule other activities and other sports without missing the boat on volleyball.  Team concepts and individual skills are taught by qualified coaches who you would usually not see in these age groups or activities elsewhere.

Q: When will practices be held?
A: Training Teams have a set practice schedule which is always posted on the website.   We usually hold 1 hour and 50 minute practices from 4:40-6:30 either once or twice a week.   Each session is a little different due to the court availability.  The summer session practices are shortened to 1.5 hours each and are offered in the morning or the afternoon to accommodate families summer schedules.  Player come in the morning or afternoon only.

Q: How do you pick the teams?
A:  Training Teams will be formed through evaluations the 1st day of each session.  We have moved away from tryouts for this activity because we use skill groups based on our evals.  Training Teams are almost always 1st come 1st serve and this has worked for us mostly.  There are still cases where a player is not ready for a Training Team and we will alert the parents following evals if there is too big of a gap to be included in the session.  In this case your money is returned and we look for another option.  Players who have never played are not the issue.  Players who are not at the same athletic level as the others and who have never played can be an issue.  

Q: Will my daughter get to play games during the session?
A: Yes.   We want to teach team concepts as a part of the offering and need at least 12 players at practice in order to accomplish this.   This is why we have 16 players on a roster.  As stated in the initial information, these are not teams that travel for weekend events.  We will be "slow teaching" our games at practice which means scrimmaging in this case.  Having the ability to stop a scrimmage and teach proper technique or positioning is one of the great parts of this activity.  At 10, 11, and 12 years of age, this type of help is key to later success.   Watching the ball drop at a league game is no fun for anyone.   We learn something new every session and we will once again be implementing new drills and practice periods during the fall.  We understand that there will be some variance in skill level but the instruction will always be geared toward pushing the better players and helping the others catch up. 

Q: Shouldn't my daughter get involved in JO's early so she gets connected to the system?
A: Maybe.  Junior Olympic volleyball is definitely where you are headed if your daughter is going to be a high school volleyball player.   At 10, 11, and 12 years of age it is not necessary to make that commitment assuming you can find the proper instruction to keep pace.  At 13 and 14 years of age you will want to consider JO seriously and we can give you information about
area JO clubs so you can pursue it anytime.  Players develop at different speeds and JO teams change every year at the younger ages.  It's not until the U14  age group that teams become more fixed and spots in a club become more limited.  There are tryouts every year for most every JO club.   Our head training team coaches are very well connected in JO volleyball and many coach in high school.  It would be in your favor to have your daughter get started with them.  You never know, they may be coaching your daughter in high school or JO ball in the upper age groups later.

Q: When is Express Training offered?
A: We have 4 main sessions a year (Jan-Feb, March-May, June-July, and September-October). We also run a short session in Nov-Dec each year.

Q: What if I have to drop out of the group?
A: Please don't sign up if you think you may have to drop out.  We certainly will refund players who are injured or have extenuating circumstances that arise.  However, once we commit to you, your entry fee is spent, and other players get left out.  We post all practice times before tryouts take place so you know the commitment.